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 LOD Rules :)

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PostSubject: LOD Rules :)   Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:12 am

LOD Rules

1.Anyone is free to go to LOD. The Dango family has no slots for LOD this means even the entire family can go to LOD at once. (Exception to when it’s announced that there are slots in LOD)
2.Fos will be provided when DH arrives.
3.Fos cannot be sold, If there are excess you must store it for next LOD.
4.Fos, Accessories, and Res. These items will be looted for fam funds.
5.Mages are not forced to go Holy but can be requested too.
6.Lod leader (Head, Deputy, keepers) appoint the teams. We trust that Lod leaders are able to form the teams with Justly. (you are free to voice out but don’t be stupid)
7.Absolutely No AFK’s, “Brb” is acceptable but pls just make sure it is quick.
8.I advice you to bring pet and partner’s.
9.Do not beg people to leech your non-light sp cards. If you want a leech, bring in a friend or you can play dual.
10. No useless SP's in LOD such as PJ's, CHicken and Jaja's. (Unless other ppl agree)
11. Respect the Head, Deputy and KEEPER in LOD and outside LOD. Keepers can request someone to be kicked out of fam if the crime is really severe. Anyone who doesn't follow this rule will receive a warning or may be kicked if severe.
12. Absolutely no Leeching for gold. We do not offer this service anyone who is caught doing this will be kicked depending on his status in the fam.
ADD: for the keepers and deps: please put the gathered accessories in the warehouse. When im not around during lod and fos is needed, feel free to get from the warehouse but take only enough, not the whole thing.
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LOD Rules :)
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